Used in a Description

last ngiht’s little walk around town, was kinda like a movie montage, where the music soundtrack playign in your head drowns out the noise of traffic and town. where you walk, head slightly bowed, focussed and intent. every step has a purpose and a direction that it’s taking you. nothing is meaningless when you walk as though you have a place to go. the place you’re going may be where you’ve already been.. but it’s still a destination.

think the market place/four seasons scene from notting hill, with hugh grant. but i’m a lot cooler than hugh grant.


i have to go to school now. i’m having lunch with catrien. then i’ll be going to class and will have to explain to my lecturer why my essay isn’t finished. i don’t think the “i was walking a movie montage scene” excuse is going to cut it. but if i got one made that would be quite cool still.

also… it’s so cold here this morning in the interns office.. opposed to my bedroom, where i am normally online. .. anyway.. it’s so cold that i only made my cup of coffee 10mins ago but it’s already cool. that kinda reminds me of X2. nice.

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