i posted a mammoth thing last night and then blogger crashed or something. how annoying.

Another Sunday Night

emily came over yesterday afternoon. it was good to catch up with her. fill her in on everything that has been happening at home. then jo norrie came over and we took byron down to mairangi bay. we played on the beach and the swings then went to wendys for dinner.

listening to : Come Away With Me – Norah Jones

i met marcella, ian’s ex, for the first time last night. she’s lovely… and has comedic timing. i’m not sure that she knows that she does, or if it was jsut by coincidence that just as the pastor finished giving the passionate and emotive altar call she said… “oh, he’s got brown hair again. i haven’t seen him with brown hair for ages!” heh heh.

last night Shane Cammell was back from his overseas jaunts. i don’t really know Shane, i’ve had dealings with him through the radio station and eastercamp etc. he’s a very good guitarist. he’s been overseas for a long time. he ‘knows’ me from radio days and eastercamp… ie: very familiar with Persona Tash .. so it was a little strange he said, to come home and find me in the midst of his social group. i guess because his picture of me is still quasi-celebrity. weird. i wonder how long it will be before no one remembers that once i was famous. hehe. (please read sarcasm with the famous. it’s hard to be that famous within nz christendom)

Why There Is Still Hope For Milkboy

sage advice from Moby

“right now we’re in nurnburg (i think) and there’s a rock band playing on one of the small festival stages and it’s the middle of the day and 30 people are watching the rock band and it’s depressing cos i think of the times that i’ve been in that situation.

one time in spain we played a festival and the area in front of the stage could have accomodated 25,000 people but there were approximately 75 watching our show.

luckily that was a few years ago.

kind of like our first ever show in milan in 1995 in a venue that could’ve held 3,000 people and 8 came to our show.

yup. 8 people in a venue that could’ve held roughly 3,000. that was a good time…

it really is hard to be an arrogant rockstar when you’ve toured extensively and had many, many experiences playing in front of tiny groups of people.

i remember during the ‘animal rights’ tour we used to get excited if we sold 50% of the tickets in a venue. and these venues were very small. during the german leg of the ‘animal rights’ tour we actually sold out one of the shows. break out the champagne! but keep in mind that the show was in a venue that held 125 people.

and on that same tour we played a show in hamburg (to 75 people) and walked off stage into a broom closet and got locked in. they somehow left that out of ‘spinal tap’ but they should’ve included it, cos it made for some good comedy. stuck in a broom closet, locked in, while the 75 people in the audience were waiting for an encore.

and we were yelling ‘let us out! we wanna rock! we don’t wanna be in the broom closet anymore! it smells like cleaning supplies in here!’

we didn’t actually yell ‘we wanna rock!’ i was just trying to sound tough.”

Song of the Moment

Hear You Me

Jimmy Eat World

there’s no one in town i know

you gave us someplace to go

i never said thank you for that

thought i might get one more chance

what would you think of me now?

so lucky

so strong

so proud

never said thank you for that

now i’ll never have a chance

if you were with me tonight

i’d sing to you just one more time

a song for a heart so big god wouldn’t let it live

may angels lead you in

hear you me my friends

on sleepless roads the sleepless go

may angels lead you in

nice. you have to wonder about a secret site link on the frontpage of an artist’s website. really it should just say “link to half-assed marketing ploy that you can only access if you’ve already been suckered into purchasing our product”. not that i’m against bonus features. but it just takes away the cutting edge underground feeling that you get when you’re truly a superfan.

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