I’m Such A Thoroughly Corrupted Bad-Ass

but i go much much harder. had quite a good day with the snappy one-liners, and the humour spotting. like the authentic looking Thai restaurant that frances and i spotted today. authentic apart from the banner hanging that offered a meal for five for the price of four. mmm. not that cool. not at all.

right now i am simultaneously doing a stack of things that i’m not meant to be doing. typing un-ergonomically, with only the vague halflight of the kitchen to one side and the light of the screen… ouch. i’ll go blind. i’m drinking coffee… but it’s instant so it’s instantly brought me microseconds closer to death later in life. it’s also past 11pm which means that i won’t sleep properly before midnight. like i said, i’m such a bad-ass. my sleepdeprivation is getting up there. it’s amazing how i can still be walking around.

multitudes of things observed today. like in shore city today, seeing a woman sitting in an open booth getting acrylic nails done. isn’t that like one of those female beauty things that you’re just not meant to do publicly>? is the beauty cycle like the sexuality cycle? more and more becomes less and less offensive… so now you can be practically naked and it’s the height of fashion? one of these days, they’ll be doing bikini waxes and brazilians behind a plastic shower curtain in the middle of the mall. you know it’s gonna happen.

Lamo Car Crime of the Day

let’s talk Mitsubishi Evo with tacky U-shaped wing and 3/4 body kit with standard exhaust. oh yeah. they figured that as long as it looked cool from the side and front that noone would notice the lack of rear body panels. nice. so not cool. and it was in white with no tints. you know who you are.

Somewhere In The World It’s Always Summer

it’s kinda like that line that somewhere in the world it’s always 5pm, or time for late lunch… etc etc.

and at the moment… the northern hemisphere is the place to be for rollicking good tans, bikinis and speedos. in fact if you’re looking for moby “look for me in marseilles, i’ll be the dweeb in the tight speedo looking at old stuff.” moby is freakin’ cool. i love him. he’s my favourite vegan. probably one of the few that i wouldn’t feel the need to eat a steak in front of.

My Mother Had A Steak Sandwich

at Paper Moon with me. nice. it was cool. talked about carmel and her antics… something about a scarf that was a gift and mum hadn’t worn it and carmel came home wearing it… ouch. and my grandfather is back in hospital. he’s been there for a while but as far as the doctors are concerned there is really nothing wrong with him that isn’t psychosymptomatic. this is the same deal that he pulled a few years ago. anyway.. my uncle from indianapolis has been on the phone to mum today to ask the brutal question. what follows is a brief transcript as relayed to me.

Mum: well the doctors say that physically and mentally there is nothing wrong with him, he jsut won’t get out of bed

John: yeah but could you live with yourself if he did die and you hadn’t gone out to see him? he is 87.

Mum: well could you? you haven’t told me when you’re flying down to see him?

John: well i’m not. i can’t fly down, i can’t fly that long with my back.

Mum: right, well can you live with yourself if you don’t see him and he carks it?

John: Yes.

Mum: Right, well frankly at this point, so can i.

boy oh boy. so at some point i will have to drive out there and see him. which is okay. apart from he still hasn’t told me that he actually moved. might see if i can rouse roni or carmel to go with me in the weekend. family is madness. but it’s genetic and it’s frightening sometimes to see where you came from.

talked with mum today some more about her and dad’s marriage and the events that lead up to the separation and divorce. frightening to know where you come from and see patterns in yourself. see things of both your parents. i pray that i will develop my mothers self control and my fathers acceptance of circumstances as they are. i love them both and i know that they both love me. it’s just strange to think about how i want to raise my children and i will possibly ever find a man, someone who will be a husband and father and family member of all this. scary. at least he will have to be smart enough to keep up.

Speaking of Men

wrote a song today. sat down at the piano for the first time in a long long time and thumbed out the chords to a verse, chorus and bridge. and it’s pretty much usable. interesting.

Speaking of Women

went out for a coffee with frances. that was when we spotted not so cool Thai restaurant. we went to takapuna and to shore city… found a black coat with toggles and a hood that mum is buying for my trip to christchurch.. the countdown is on for the wellington/chch roadtrip. really excited now to be getting away.!!! frances is gorgeous.

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