I Saw A Picture Of Your Smiling Face

very strange dreams last night… of old acquaintances and bass players. far out were they weird. i nearly woke myself up because it was so uncomfortable… i watched an episode of charmed earlier this week. and it was talking about how our dreams are how our subconscious deals with stuff…. well let me tell you… i must be a lot healthier this morning than i was last night. cos boy oh boy… (literally boy, oh boy)…. did i do some dealing last night.

all i have to say is that i have great taste in men. even if they are in my dreams… but it’s amazing how much of someone you remember.. the glances and expressions, the movements of their hands. the way they carry themselves.. and the way they smell. how they put their arms around you, and how you laugh together. and you remember and you remember.

some of those really good memories.. that incorporate your whole soul into them.. they will last forever. and i know that there was a purpose and a reason behind what i felt and thought and said at the time. and i know that there must be value in it somewhere. and i hope that my dreams come true… and i see him again sometime. to tell him what it all meant. some people are jsut meant to be in your life.

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