i’m drinking the weakest cup of coffee i’ve ever made…. note the personal pronoun.. the coffee made at church is also disturbing weak. and it’s a choice between that and instant. so i put a teaspoon of instant in and then use the coffee coloured water that comes out of the urn. nice. i’m in the same bind this morning. i didn’t put enough instant in the bottom of the cup… but you can’t add it… because then it’s all lumpy and weird tasting.

i think the deal with instant is that you just have to pour the water in as quickly as possible so that you can block it out from your mind. anyway. this morning’s extra caffiene hit is being brought to you by last night’s Diet Coke.

listening to : Sleepless in Seattle Soundtrack – various artists

The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round

so in the midst of everything that i have going on… (assessments, pop, wellington/chch) last night i ran a Double Decker Bus Tour for the Pulse. Yay! it was fun but it was stressful. the thing is that at Windsor they don’t really do the big saturday night youth group events… so on wednesday we had 35 kids say they were coming.. and then the budget was set. only 24 kids showed up. ergh.

onto the fun stuff….

we departed thanks to Robbies. then we went to mission bay for cheeseburgers, we built a human pyramid on the side of the fountain.. the risk factor for falling in was quite high. lots of screams and laughing. we had a couple of our kids start “going out”… such a romantic affair. then onto to greenlane for sundaes.. meanwhile we did lolly scrambles, sack races in the aisles, shoutffs, and we used to megaphone to direct the traffic. nice.

Motorway Patrol

then we got pulled over. nice. heather thought that it was hilarious. i wasn’t quite so convinced that it was that cool.. granted they were pretty much just giving us a warning. they felt that it was unsafe having three of us standing at the back of the bus. cos it’s got that open platform. i guess maybe they had a point. turned out that one of the cops that showed up was one of the leaders old flatmates. nice. it’s such a small world in new zealand.

Let The Good Times Roll

we got back to the church and had some supper, then all the kids headed home. they had a good time and i think that we will do it again. it was funny. the kids think that the cool kids are the girls in my group… heather has all the rebellious kinda girls. it’s pretty funny. normally heather’s kids would be the cool ones… but it’s choice. my girls are handling it well in that they make an effort to be cool with everyone.

Rocking The Night Away

maria and frances’ 21st last night. it was cool.. i was late because of the bus thing. but it was choice. i got there jsut in time for speeches. they seemed to have a good time. i gave them the portraits that i did. i hope that they like them. ian didn’t show in the end. bit of a bummer. talked to dave, kim, andy & kirsten, neil. nice. saw the twins briefly before i left to go home.

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