At The End Of A Day

and at the the end of a week… there should be something meaningful and reflective to say. i’ve thought of lots of things.

i could talk about money. how it takes us through the days and the nights. literally can keep us warm when it’s winter outside. i’ve been watching TV tonight and in the middle of safe, escapist american programming are the Auckland City Mission advertisements. weather forecasts describing conditions as they are for many of the poorest of poor here in new zealand. most people probably don’t realise how close we are to being a third world.

see if i was a politician then i would want to change that. change the fact that northland children live with glue ear and meningiccocal. that south auckland babies sleep in rooms with no floors, fewer walls and ceilings. we live in urban decay. but because i am lucky enough to have been sent to a mid-upper socio-economically zoned school, and consequently had the available tertiary education… i know that being a politician wouldn’t change those things.

i also know that whilst social work is a valis and valuable career, i wouldn’t be able to change enough of it there to be satisfied, i’d be disillusioned by the politicians i was working with and for.

so i could nurse children, teach children and love children. loving them is after all, the most important thing. that’s why it takes a whole village to love a child. to love and correct and challenge and teach and grow. and as they grow we grow as much again, ourselves.

if only it was the politicians that were poor. and that being said i’ve been waiting on and relying on money for such a long time. i’ll spend the rest of my life living on it. it will buy bread and clothing for my family, water to bathe them in, food to feed them with. it will be used to make memories even if i use a little or a lot. and so my pledge is to use what i have the best way that i can in order to love my family.

meanwhile the heartbeat of God is pounding louder and louder in my head. on sunday i will seek to inspire and motivate my youth leaders to dream bigger than what they see before them, imagining all that God might do in their young people, and in that process i hope to love them a little too.

it’s all about loving people isn’t it?

went to see 2 fast 2 furious last night with luke. have to say that it would be hard for me not to buy a phat-as car if i had that much money. but perhaps we’ll hire one for the weekend sometime and drive it hard. went for a drive after the movie.

talked about the internal revolution. God makes external changes, by the internal revolution.

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