Always Live Expecting The Unexpected

today i had lunch with heather, to look at setting goals for my internship and to catch up on things with the pulse etc etc etc. i ordered a chicken salad. what i received was a salad, albeit very nice salad, even with those crispy noodles that we love so much on the top. and two pieces of chicken on the side of the salad.

i don’t recall asking for salad with a side of chicken breast. i thought that i ordered the chicken salad, which would presume that the chicken was included in the salad. however, apparently that’s not how they do things in that particular cafe in mairangi bay.

The Lesson: always expect the unexpected… as i learnt last night.

Last Night

let me tell you about my friend aaron. he’s perfectly lovely. he is friends with nees, ned, ian and nudist. i love how my friends have such peculiar nick names. anyway. aaron and i have met several times. the first time that i could recall was with YFC when he was on Y-1. That was 1999. then at various places that i recall but he doesn’t really. and then at Windsor Park in 2002.

last night at Windsor was REAL (funky cool non-event community time for funky cool young adults) and aaron came in after … and he made a comment about me rocking out and a light bulb went on in the dim dark distant past. turns out he remembers this crazy little chick rock band that we had when i was still at school .. i did a bit of vocal and guitar stuff. turns out he remembers the time we played at CCC.

later on we were sitting in the Horse & Jockey in Takapuna, catching up with him seeing as we haven’t really, since he came back from wellington. it managed to come up in conversation again. he thought that he could have some fun with that seeing as nudist was there at the same time. i thought that seeing as nudist is going to be his best man… he shall suffer at the stag-do, should the information land in the wrong places.

here’s the lesson: never, ever, ever let anyone catch you playing in a chick-rock band when you are young and too courageous to realize that you shouldn’t. and then be wary who you admit those things too. i’m paying the price now. and also….. be wary of what they mean when the blackboard says chicken salad.

Be Sure Your Sins Will Find You Out

remember that life has a funny way of catching you up.

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