Youth Ministry Conversations

Reimagining Youth Ministry. it’s a great title for a blog. and there is potentially a whole marketing scheme right there.

this post got me going a little bit and so i contributed my own thoughts… although i think i was a little over the word limit.

“i was reading a book by Derek Prince this last weekend. He used the opening chapters of Genesis as an illustration of how God designed marriage to be. He initiates it, prepares the woman for the man, and then presents her to him. The end goal of their union is unity and fellowship with one another and with the Father, in obedience to His instruction.

i think that there is something in there about youth ministry. for too long we have been too precious about the formulas and methods for designing youth ministry constructs. we view ourselves too much as ‘the new way’. we think too often that we are discovering breakthrough methods of ministry, or philosophy. but let’s go back to ecclesiastes and realize that we have been there and done it all before.

emerging postmodernism has become our catch-cry. before that it was the edict that senior pastors simply didn’t understand our new cutting edge ministry. or our generation. or they had power issues.

what’s wrong with youth ministry? us.

humble. let’s get humble. don’t spend so much time strategizing your breakthrough ministry philosophy. if God is calling you to youth ministry then don’t let your own angst and agenda get in the way of being obedient to the mission he will achieve through you. really… if you’re sold out for youth ministry, then ask yourself when you let go of that most precious commandment. “love the Lord Your God with all your mind heart body and soul. and your neighbour as yourself” and then line it up with Romans 12.1 “therefore i urge you as brothers, to lay down your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God – this is your spiritual act of worship.”… what am i getting at?

simply that the most effective youth workers i have known are faithful to the tasks God gives them, and hold their youth ministry lightly enough to know that’s it’s truly God that holds it all. if we aren’t able to consider handing in our Youth Ministry Union cards at a moments notice should God will it… then we have to consider.. who is doing the damage? us or ‘youth ministry’.


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