Kickstart To The Thinking Process

I actually stole this link to Unconscious Mutterings off dani’s site…

  1. Bookends:: heavy

  2. Compliment:: really?

  3. Gutter:: winter

  4. Obsession:: freak

  5. Heavy:: heart

  6. Real:: thursdays @ 7

  7. Disposable:: nappies

  8. Breeze:: sea breeze off the deck at ngunguru

  9. Work:: lots of it

  10. Sweetheart:: undefined

Home At Last

mother and baby are returning home today. that will be cool. it will be nice for her to be comfortable and just be able to do things at her own pace. that’s a good thing.

not sure whether or not she wants me to pick her up or rob…

Sometimes I See Stars In Front Of My Eyes

I think that the sleeplessness is getting to me now. i’m not really comfortable inside my skin at the moment.. there are too many things i’ve been waiting for. and i sometimes feel faint. which is not a good thing. so i better go and see the doctor soon. i haven’t been sleeping well all of this week. i woke up at five this morning. ergh.

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