Another Bridget Jones List

Items Currently In New Fridge: 4

Beers In New Fridge: 4

Unpacked Boxes Still In The Middle Of The Floor: 7

Pillows On The Bed: 6 + 1 cushion

Furniture Still To Be Moved In: 3 bookcases, 1 bedside table, 1 dining table + chairs, 1 desk, 1 filing cabinet, 1 armchair, 1 piano stool, 1 glorybox, 1 cd shelving unit, 1 pantry shelving unit, 1 tall chest of drawers, 1 tall stool, 1 queen sized bed back to my mothers house.

Estimated No. Of Trips In Oxide Van: 2 (one to Paremoremo, one to mum’s)

Things Left Behind At 71a Rosedale Rd: 2 jars of mum’s red pepper jelly, 1 eight-cup coffee plunger

Unusually High Number Of Rubbish Bins At Cottage: 3

Canvasses & Artworks Already Hung: 5

Unpacking Music Last Night: Carole King – Tapestry; Blair Giles – Under The Ice

Driving To New House Music: Forrest Gump Soundtrack (Sweet Home Alabama) …. every move is always perfectly timed, listening to this album in order to drive to new place listening to that track…

Number Of Powerpoints: 6

Multiboxes Plugged Into Powerpoints: 4

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