Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Savings:: electricity

  2. On:: line

  3. Wire:: telegram

  4. Word:: poem

  5. Bladder:: bathroom

  6. Missing:: my aching heart

  7. Side:: swipe

  8. Window:: pane

  9. Digit:: number

  10. Swirl:: chocolate

I’m Not Necessarily Laughing At You

my friend dani had an unfortunately embarrassing experience. it will amuse you though, and it demonstrates the dangerous power of the internet.

I’m Not Necessarily Making A Fuss

normally when it comes to contact from those that are near and dear and far away, i am quite happy to accept whatever arrives. but today, i wasn’t so much content with it. i guess my view being that in the times of crisis.. like the past ten days has been.. it might have been nice to have acknowledgement. i’m not as foolish as to ask for sympathy. so let it be a lesson to us. i try not to let expectations get the best of me, but i also try and remember that others might be expecting something of me too.

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