Early Morning At McGill’s

today’s guest book at McGill’s …

[actually i’m pausing here to say.. mm guest book. what a good idea. i think i’m going to start that]

McGill’s Whanau

people who have visited McGill’s in infancy

mon 22 sept 2003: dave pierce, glen dixon, mike radford

tue 23 sept 2003: rosa mclean

fri 26 sept 2003: emily brewer, ian anstiss, greg ‘ned’ nees

sat 27 sept 2003: jo norrie

tue 30 sept 2003: karl madsen

so i’m going to start a guest book. cool. and that will become the door list at McGill’s. nice.

Back To Regularly Scheduled Blog Post

karl rang jsut as i was leaving so i turned around, parked the car, made some coffee. it was excellent to spend some time talking about exciting possibilities for things at YFC. summer harvest is going to be good this year. i’m excited about it.

The Car

as i have referred to here previously, i am keen to sell my car and to get back behind the wheel of a manual. preferably a manual wagon that handles like a sports coupe. anyway, this was compounded in my interest today because karl was driving a very nice WRX STi sedan. 6 speed tiptronic, and i had to follow it out the driveway and down paremoremo rd. green with envy all the way. and then i was re-reading cory’s post with the interview questions… and he had written this… which spoke to me.

driving the speed limit. this small act of slowing down is a symbolic reminder that i must slow down in life. i cannot maintain the breakneck pace of the world around me if i am to hear His whisper and connect in real ways with people. as cars rush by i am reminded that i must live in the world, though i live by a different set of standards. at times i will be pushed by someone riding my tail. at these moments i have a decision to make: will i be a thermometer, reflecting the values, the pace, the life of the world around me? or will i be a thermostat, setting the temperature, the standard?

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