Excerpts From An Email

i’ve chosen to update this way because i think my toe is broken and it’s so sore i can barely focus on the screen

To Natasha, In Virginia…From Natasha, In Auckland

“hello my friend”

Current Conditions

“i am in a lot of pain right now! i was walking into the office and there is a path made of concrete slabs.. they are really slippery and i ended up banging my big toe into the end of one. it is bleeding and the nail is turning purple. and it really really hurts!”

Road Trip

listening to John Mayer and Dido

“i drove up to my place up north on friday night. it’s a holiday weekend here and so the traffic was pretty bad but i am a bit of a speedy gonzales on that road and so it wasn’t too bad. my mum was a little freaked because it didn’t take me too long to get there.”

Sentimental Reflection On Time With Mother

“it was actually really nice to hang out with my mum and her partner for the morning. i woke up on saturday morning and went in and sat down on the bed with her and had a cup of tea jsut talking to them while peter read the paper. i know that it seems like a small thing but it’s something that i haven’t done since i left home. and certainly mum and i don’t hang out that often… we eat lunch or talk when i pop in at home, but on saturday pete cooked breakfast (bacon and eggs on toast.. perfect).. and then we jumped in the convertible and drove around ngunguru… we went to the hardware store and the little art gallery and bought a couple of things, then to the little store that sells cool stuff… we were gathering ideas for decorating the sitooterie… which is basically a little shelter to hang the hammock in and sit in to watch the water from the garden. it’s cool. we got a crab made out of corrugated iron and a few paua shells as well.. there is a cool pumice sculpture hanging in there already…i will take photos and send some your way.. i haven’t had these ones developed yet! we went and had a coffee sitting out over the marina.. it was jsut really nice to hang out with mum.”

Other Activities

“anyway… after that i went to the summer harvest site and it was good to see everyone.. it was a productive day in that there was a lot that we got done. still a long way to go but i had to head home jsut as it started to thunder down with rain. it was a long dark drive home, but that’s okay. my toe is really hurting now!!! yesterday i hung out with my friend jo… we washed her car, sunbathed and slept on the couch… it was good jsut to do nothing. i’m really going to miss my friends when i am away next week.”

Growing Realisation That My Toe Feels Like A Concrete Brick Compacting On My Foot

“i think that i am going to quote parts of this email on my blog! not because i’m lazy… but mostly because my toe is really hurting and i think that i need to put ice on it!”

Long Term Career Direction

“the thing that i love about america is that you can do things like be a fulltime camp director! there are only a few opportunities like that here in NZ, goodness knows that really is what i would like to do.”

Meaningful Observations

“isn’t funny how you can know someone so well… at least you can share a lot with them, and yet so many of the basics… you don’t really know… because there are some things that can only be seen with your eyes and heard with your ears.”

For Dani

hello my precious. here is the good news. the phoneline is being installed after 9am on wednesday the 29th of october. that’s tuesday for you, but still good. the bad news is that i leave for wellington at 6am on wednesday. however… the laptop is coming with me, and i hope to find some hours or an internet cafe in the middle of the country, or in wellington (final destination) over the time that i am away.

these things i have concluded:

this is absolutely too long to be without you.

you are sun to my moon and sunlight to my stars.. one is incomplete without the other.

no action or thought in my life seems to be real or concluded until i’ve told you, asked you, confessed to you, discussed it with you…. so i am feeling undone.

reunion is going to be sweet, sweet, sweet.

i miss you.

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