Sleepless And In Limbo

got me sleepless and in limbo

but oh, i love you, it’s okay

i’ll be broken for a time

i’ll stay floating above

the words that you say

but oh, i love you, it’s okay

These Days

seems like i just can’t find enough hours in the day. for the past two weeks i’ve been out every night, and then coming home to finish off the day.. days don’t seem to finish until the next one has already begun. i’m carrying half a wardrobe around in the suitcases under my eyes.

East Auckland

i stayed at ness’ place last night. lovely.. finished off the meeting with a spa with the girls. a reasonable way of combining pleasure and business. back to business today though.

Bread Tags

here’s something useful to know. when making ‘counters’ for games like bingo, snakes & ladders etc… kids games… try using bread tags. i had to go and pick up about 2000 of them this morning for kids ministry at church. i spent a considerable amount of time figuring out accoridng to the general mass the most likely way that they would be kept. obviously not just loose in a bag… inefficient as. so my best guess was a reel of some kind.

i was right. yay for me.

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