Dialogue Via Internet… When I Type The Words Don’t Finsh with ‘NDT’

babe !!

stay in touch / your place or mine / or somewhere else / whatever happens first / we gotta catch up !

here endeth this poem



———– to which I reply….


i agree

but woe is

poor little ill me

very very ill with flu

certain that you healthy don’t want

an ingestion of a nasty illness thing

when out from under shadow of death’s door

to you shall my first phonecalls be

in hope rather vain of meeting

and dialoguing transference of goods

knowledge and experience past

days have brought

into worlds


———————–and the dear friend answers back…

how can a poet who’s ill

write such great verse?

wait! maybe the chill

makes her feel worse

while her poems get better

with each little letter !

heh heh

(which rhymes with heh heh)

——————–my final reply.. ended on a sneeze

inspired fever

opens windows into

brain hemispheres

tamed into dormancy

by academia and repetition

every so often


some lunatical jumble of words

collide together

on a page

or in some html code

hopefully amuses someone…

So far, that’s all folks.

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