‘Sploding Tuna Cans

I have the best 6th formers in the world.. bex, gina and cassandra..

Every tuesday morning I drag myself out of the bed (hard this morning with the comforting rain falling on my tin roof) and pick up bex, gina and as of this morning cassandra. because it was a special occasion we went to starbucks. they are all student leaders. we talk about life and leadership issues. they are do fantastic. they make me a much better youthworker because they keep me so on my toes. It’s one of the most invigorating hours of my week. And they are coming to BYM Queen’s Birthday training with me!

Today, Gina was telling how she exploded a tuna can right across her classroom yesterday. Apparently putting it under the leg of a desk and jumping on the desk does the job quite effectively!

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