Subliminal Thoughts

  1. Lover:: Might be nice.

  2. Ridiculous:: -ly good looking.

  3. Oscar:: the grouch

  4. Tennis:: ball

  5. Account Balance:: ah, umm, yeah.

  6. Hickey:: turtleneck

  7. License:: to kill

  8. Breathmints:: mintyfresh

  9. TexMex:: ugh??

  10. Stepmother:: Wicked.

Monday Morning

I think that you are asking a little much really.. an up to date blog on a Monday morning… but here goes my best shot..

Been and Seen

You Got Served on friday night with Jo. Every generation has it’s own dance movie.. and this must be the dance movie of the 14 & 15 year olds. We were pretty much the oldest people in the theatre, and there were cellphones buzzing, texts going back and forth, people heckling the screen, and others heckling the hecklers. Terrible movie, with no storyline that stood up on it’s own, but great dancing.. including the cheesy and necessary ‘dancing in the rain’ shot. But the side show in the theatre made it an entertaining experience.

coffee with the girls on saturday afternoon, then we dyed sarah’s hair this gorgeous chestnut colour.. totally brings out her eyes. then we headed to ricky’s place to wish ian a fond farewell. he leaves for america tuesday. all my favourite people go to america.

sunday is church day and my music team was on. a fun night.. that raised some interesting questions.. that I will raise below in about two seconds, hereby making this a spiritually relevant post. afterwards we went to one red dog. sweet thai chilli chicken. yumm-bo.. with half a glass of a central otago pinot noir.

Community Life On A Larger Scale

What do you do when your community is so large that on one night, the departure of several people coincides together? Some leaving on 4 month Camp America trips, others to work overseas for long and short term.. who do you acknowledge and who don’t you? Some say that if you acknowledged everyone you could think of, you would still leave someone out and they may be hurt by that. Another argument is that it’s better to thank and farewell as many as you can, in the hope that with practice we might become better at it.

Last night we acknowledged some and not others.. And i’m left with questions. We are a large community.. so the potential for it to be messy is very real. And also.. do you simply acknowledge those who are leaving? What about those that are returning? What about those that are finishing after a period of service in a ministry? And if it’s those people as well.. Should you thank them in the evening service, which is perceived by some people to have a higher level of acknowledgement?

In a church of 300, it’s easy.. or at least it was. Everybody was known by someone and so those acknowledgements were easy to source.. but how do you know where to draw the lines in the sand.

Is it the difference between the ‘slick and clean’ approach and the slightly messier, ‘this is who we are, a family’ approach? And which is right? I would prefer to acknowledge everyone, as we are a family and I think that it communicates that message to everyone, whether they are a visitor or a long termer.. when we say.. ‘the absence of your presence with us, will be missed’. It makes us human, doesn’t it?

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