Goodbyes Are Never Good Enough

this time last year i was saying goodbye. I’m still saying goodbye, but this time around, Jeremy is staying and Ian is going.

Goodbyes are hard to say in words that say enough without ruining the moment.

Memories of many other goodbyes, came flooding back to me.

And I hope that you’ll be safe wherever you go.

I hope that you’ll be cautious when you need to be.

I hope you’ll have the time of your life, as much as you could, without my company.

You have been my very good friend.

You have held my hand in the stormy times.

Picked me up from the airport close to midnight.

Let me cry for you, and you’ve taken me as I am.

I love you Ian, you’ll be my friend forever. And for the next five months that you’re away. I will see you in the USA.

And goodbye to Dave. Travel safe and well and unpack as you go.

Goodbye Prayers That…

You will have peace about the outcome of your journey, even though it may feel that it is just beginning.

You will have confidence the journey began long ago, & confidence in the hands that have brought you here.

You will know the patience that comes from trusting in the Lord.

God will teach you all need to know about trusting in Him.

Scriptures will breathe and speak and sing to you, in cold and lonely places, dark spaces, light filled spaces.

Scriptures will encourage you, teach you to stand in awe in bright spaces, sad spaces, warm spaces.

Scriptures will guard your heart and mind from the harshness of other words, that might rob you of joy.

You will carry the warm flame of this family deep within you, in a safe and reachable place, always with you.

You will wake each day with eagerness for your daily tasks, contemplations, conversations, experiences.

You will be accompanied by worthy companions, worthy to teach you, learn from you, share with you.

You will unwrap layers of deep significance in safe places, into the safe hands of the Father.

You will experience the Fatherhood of God in revolutionary ways, that transform you.

You will be a son like you have never been before, and also a friend, a brother, a grandson.

You will remember the place that you have come from, internally and externally and take valuable lessons.

You will be changed and rearranged, refreshed and restored, to newness, oldness and innocence.

You will learn not to chastise yourself for what you see as weaknesses, they are God’s opportunities.

You will learn to love what God has made, complete in your imperfections.

The colours, sights, sounds and experiences you encounter will travel with you, transforming you, shaping you.

The inevitable moments of glory and humiliation will all in turn, push you towards the arms of God.

The deep Joy that resides in you, will find new expression & release amongst new friends & old to celebrate it.

The passion finds a place to live life wholeheartedly, savouring the moments and sensations.

The heart finds peace, and security, a place to belong and know as home.

The heart will be cared for, treasured and used to love well, even in the awkwardness of vulnerability.

The voice will find a place to be heard, the ears a comfortable place to listen.

The soul will be comforted with strength in times of famine, water in times of drought, love in times of trouble.

The soul will be anchored onto that deep foundation that keeps all things secure.

The questions will be answered, confusion clarified, deep soul searching given some climax of conclusion.

The mind that is open will stay open, willing to learn and to be challenged, strong on it’s convictions of Truth.

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