Conversations In The Warzone

I feel like this little girl, looking out into the world. So many things to learn and to understand, and it seems that if I don’t grasp them all at once, now.. that they will disappear. I’m going to get the preliminaries out of the way first.

Been and Seen

Rotorua, for Baptist Youth Ministries Queens Birthday Weekend training. With my fabulous student leaders. Lots of junk food, the bestowing of ‘Road Trip Names’. They have a funny story to tell, when I let them take my car out and about to travel through Roto-vegas. They stopped to buy supplies, including corn chips and salsa. But then they were perplexed when they couldn’t open the jar of salsa. So they did what any carload of teenage girls does! They pulled over, put on the hazard lights and waved someone down, to help them open the jar. What’s more hilarious, is that they were sucessful.

Other Stories

I skipped a lot of the actual sessions to hang out with friends and catch up. Lots of coffees at the Fat Dog, as well as Indigo. Cool little Rotorua eateries. Also stopped off at the markets down by the lake, and picked up some cool jewellery, a funky bead necklace and some cute little earrings. All for $8. Then the cool as University of Texas bag. Yup, I felt pretty stoked with the whole weekend of shopping.


I picked up a copy of ‘Things You Should Know By Now’ , as well as a bargain copy of ‘What’s So Amazing About Grace’ to replace the copy that went missing, never to return. You know how you lend a book, knowing that it will change someone’s life? You should never expect to get those books back.

Cyber Community

I wasn’t at all disappointed when I got up and got to church this morning. Normally my early morning perusal of what is being read, said and thought about, is fairly quick. But it’s consumed a good couple of hours of my day.. here is why..

Steve over at E~mergent Kiwi, talking about Pentecost celebrations.

Gordon at caught my heart with talk of his lover, and then went on to bring another chapter in the story of Foy Davies. This I related to.

Relevant .. progressive culture. I like this place. I was brought here both by Danielle and they are the publishers of one of my purchases over the weekend, as well as other books I have read ie: Walk Om : The Spiritual Journey of U2.

All this means that now I starting to work on the sermon that is slowly filtering it’s way through my brain processes.

Conversations In The Warzone… Continued

So Mic Duncan was the speaker this weekend, and he brought his usual message of confrontation and challenge. His basic message was that this life is a warzone, the playing out of the battle between good and evil and that although the victory may be decided through Christ, the reality of this life is that God is not in total control of everything that happens on this earth. I can hear your alarmbells ringing.

So.. a pluralist argument, that says there is more than one power operating in the universe. Lots to think about here. Is God in control of the big picture, but not necessarily in control of every detail of it’s working out? What power does He have then? Can he be beaten or held back? Scripture would support that in places. Mic’s answer to questions of omnipotence, omnipresence and omnicientous is found in the self-limiting choice of God.

So he then went on, to say that the only things guaranteed in this life, are God’s love and Heaven. Which leaves you with the question what does God’s love encompass? Mic told stories of young people being demonised, raped and crying out for the intervention of God and said that the only thing guaranteed is God’s love, not necessarily His protection because there is more than just God’s angelic forces at work.

Interesting. It’s not an utterly pessimistic view, it offers a lot of hope, but then it’s also not an entirely well-rounded argument. Certainly I would agree that in the West, we need less of a theology of health and wealth, and more of a sound theology of suffering. But I remain on the fence with this one.

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