Furthering The Love Journey

Today, revisiting some old haunts, found a link to this.. which I quite enjoyed.

It begins…

I usually make a terrible first impression. recently i received a letter from an associate carefully underscoring the point for me that people tend to take me wrong at first. for some reason, and i know you’ll be shocked, a few people are blown away by my strong emotions, my highly charged responses, and as one person described it, my “fire hydrant approach to creativity. over the years i have come to accept this about myself, though not relish it. There has been a failure on my part to consider that I alone am responsible for monitoring my behaviour and the way I interact with others. I must not use my temperament as an excuse for immaturity or belligerence. In the same way that others need to come to grips with my uniqueness and special gifts, so I also must grow up in my conversations and relationships. Marginal leaders know better than most that feelings are easily hurt and we don’t have the luxury of trampling over the feelings of others with a ‘damn them all’, ‘love me or screw you’ attitude. Restraint is called for. Maturity is not optional. It is a lesson that I continue to learn, often suffering the consequences of my extreme temperament. I cannot expect people to understand my heart when I damage with my mouth.

Further Conversations

This week I have really been enjoying some great dialogue with people on various parts of the journey.. some discussion today of creation spirituality, and other various components of figuring out how to do life, and somewhere in that, feed the spiritual side of ourselves.

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