The Year Of The Traveller

Only a few more sleeps until Fiji. I’m still nervous and freaking a little. But.. keeping on looking ahead, I’m planning for September and my trip to the States where Dani the Beautiful resides.

What’s even more exciting is that Dani just asked for the time off to come home with me in October!!

My Mother, Honorary Masters In Geography

“And to you dear one, you do realize that your mother lived in Fiji for a few months in 1968-1969 don’t you? It appears from your itinerary that you going around the entire Vanua Levu island. Where in Suva is the Christian leadership college? When I lived in Suva, it was at Tanoa House, Princes Drive, Tamavua. Of course I stayed in Nadi many times and also on the Coral Coast, which is where all the tourist spots are. Rakiraki is on the other side.


Your Mother.”

The Itinerary

Saturday 3rd July

leave AKLD 2.20

Arrive at Nadi at 5.10pm Accomodation at Nadi

Sunday 4th July

Sunday Morning service at Nadi Baptist Church

Travel to Coral Coast Christian Camp-Evening meal there

Team building with Mick Duncan, Steve Pound

Accomodation Coral Coast Christian Camp.

Monday 5th July

Orientation to the Fijian culture

Swim at beach. Travel to Suva-Christian leadership college

Evening Meal at CLC, Relax, games Preparation

Tuesday 6th July

School visit

Visit Hindu Temple and Muslum Mosque

Evening Meal at CLC, Team devotions, sharing

Wednesday 7th July

School visit

Lunch then door to door evangalism. Some Prison visits

Evening Meal at Narere Bethel, Group to Narere Bethel & Narere Fijian

Thursday 8th July

Building project at CLC and Narere Bethel

Free Time

Evening Meal at CLC, Team building time

Friday 9th July

Door to Door evangalsim

Building project at CLC and Narere Bethel

Evening Meal at CLC and Youth Program

Saturday 10th July

Work at CLC

Prepare for Services and Prision visit

Sunday 11th July

Church services-

Prison Fellowship

Travel to Rakiraki and Tavua Villages

Monday 12th July

All have lunch at Rakiraki. Work at Rakiraki

Celebration Meal and service at both

Half of team to Raikraki village the other half to Tavua

Tuesday 13th July

Rakiraki and Tavua – School visit

Team from Tavua Goes to Rakiraki, and Rakiraki goes to Tavua.

Raikraki Visit Village Chief for Kava Ceremony

Wednesday 14th July

Door to Door evangelism

Rakiraki cut sugar cane in the fields

Thusday 15th July

Travel to Villa Accomodation


Dinner and debrief

Friday 16th July

Trip to Malamala Island


Saturday 17th July

Nandi – AKLD

Air Pacific .. arrive 12.50pm

Malamala Island

Check it out.

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