Conversations That I’m Eavesdropping On

Holy Fires Burning This is powerful imagery and stirs up in me the picture of a carpark of 44 gallon drums, with lit fires burning.. maybe as we celebrate Advent, passing mulled wine around to one another. Telling the stories that fuel and stoke the fires. Remembering and forecasting what the future might be, and leading the way for future fires. Can it be that as we travel along we light new fires, to add to our collection of Holy Fires?

Lynne has linked to the article regarding Creativity in the Reality magazine. You can find that here

“And so as I expressed my creativity, prayer too became a part of that expression, the whole exercise drawing me into a deeper place with God.”

Broken down into sections “Creativity &”, Steve and Lynne examine ideas of humanity in God’s image being a reflection of our natural creativity, the theology of creativity and open doorways for deeper connection with the idea of exactly what a Creator God is. My favourite paragraphs are under the heading “Creativity in Practice” .. a humble exhortation to experiment and play.

The implications for me, are that creativity is not the domain of the music team, or church artist.. but that creativity is best expressed right throughout the body.. not just in a static environment of performance or display. There is room for those things.. but if I sing a song I have written.. is it not better, that I sing so that my community can sing along with me, or better yet, begin to sing their own songs. See me paint and pick up their own paint brushes? Creativity is the domain of all the created, not simply the creative. As a creative pastor, can it please be my delight.. to create spaces and places where the creativity of a community blossoms, in all her forms?

A Conversation All Of My Own

Picking up on the Bald Man’s Virtual Book Tour promoting this Blogger’s Book, I entered his conversation about the vunerability of blogging etc.. So some reflected thoughts that start with his post.. and continue via email.

Bald Man Posts..

“This blog is about living openly. I started it as part of a deliberate attempt to live my life more transparently. It is an opportunity for me to process life with an online community. You’ve probably noticed this blog is not anonymous. If you’ve dropped in over the past year, you’ve seen my church struggle and experiment, my daughter grow, my son be born, and my father-in-law pass away, to name but a few. You’ve also heard me think out loud, pray out loud, struggle out loud. This is intentional.

Furthermore, I have tried to use this blog as a springboard to living more transparently in my physical communities. It’s easier for me to write openly, and I’ve tried to let blogging give me courage to carry that openness into the physical community around me. Just as I am a Bald Man Blogging, I have tried to be a Bald Man Living. That is, I have tried to live uncovered, honestly, just as I am.

It’s a dangerous thing to do, to let others into your inner-most parts. It requires trust and faith far beyond reason. The deepest pain is caused by those inside our armor. But, this is the only way, in my opinion, for us to experience life as God intends. The deepest healing, love, and joy are only brought by those we allow inside our armor, too. Life is meant to be shared. Life is meant for community. Life is meant to be lived baldly.”

McGill Comments..

“Your desire to live more openly with those around you is the same

motivation that caused me to start this.. the deliberate practice of

opening that which is sacred and precious to caustic air.

Henri Nouwen writes about the love that wounds, and how that

abundantly loving of one another.. the openness and vunerability of that, means that each wound or pain that comes from living and loving openly.. only causes to plow the ground and allows a deeper seed of love to be sown.

So I write, and open myself.. in that hope that my forced courage will encourage others to live in the same way.

Thanks for opening to us.”

Bald Man Replies..

“I like the metaphor of the wound. I’ve often thought in terms of

uncovering wounds so that they might be cleaned, so that they might

heal. Nouwen seems to be moving this one step further: planting love inside the opened wound.”

And The Picture I See Is

“can it be taken a step further?

and thought of as the grafting of one plant to another?

after all.. someone grafted us to themselves at some point, and we graft others to our own the wound is the place where love is planted and is a means of growth and change within the body?

is that too many mixed metaphors?”

In The Grafting

Both parts are wounded in the grafting. But a new connection is made. A new plant grows.. This is an idea that I’m exploring. It fits nicely with the idea of a man and wife being joined together, physically and spiritually. Some pain, some pleasure. Some messiness, in the process of two becoming one. So as we are grafted together into the Body of Christ, there must also be some pain, some pleasure and some messiness. There are no equal wounds in the grafting process. One is cut deep, the other wide.. Perhaps it matters not what the wounds are, just that the wound is.. No wound, no blood, no messiness.

I am currently wounded, and praying that this is a wound that will lead to a seed being planted, or a plant being grafted.

May God be a gracious Gardener.

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