Let’s Tell One Another The Stories Of Old, And Remember Where We Came From

What are pastors? Ministers? Leaders?

Us old travel weary disciples.

We are storytellers.. we tell the old stories and remind ourselves and those who listen of where we come from, of what we are founded upon. We sing the songs that stir hope, we find the rituals that have meaning. We gather people around the fire to restore their warmth, bring them to the table to strengthen their bodies. We tell the stories that revive the Spirit within them. We hold the hand in dying, and cheer at the sidelines in living.

This is a good thing.

A Prayer For A Friend In November

May God be richly in your presence

in ways you have not previously seen

in quiet and still places

in soft and intimate words

May the Spirit comfort and add strength

minute by minute in painstaking detail

to all corners of life may there be

new oxygen to breathe and thus be restored

May Christ be your brother and Saviour, and stand beside you ready with every measure of love.

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