Cos There’s Beauty In The Breakdown

There is an interesting conversation happening at Stu’s place all about the use of mood lighting to create or engineer atmosphere.. but it ends up in a mini-rant or should that be thoughtful questioning about youth not connecting with the Bible.

He offers these thoughtful plausibilities:

1) it’s just too damn familiar to them now : they already know the passages from sunday school.

2) the bible language is associated with boredom and hymns : it’s true, but even the message translation leaves them looking round the room

3) the devil is distracting them : um…possible i suppose

4) the bible doesn’t really matter to them, but the truth drawn from it does.

5) the bible represents an authority they do not respect

Your thoughts?

Mine are these…

I think it’s always amusing (and potentially I have been influenced by Paul Windsor here, I can’t ever remember not having this opinion but these things are always forming and reforming themselves) that preachers have an enormous tendency to sermonize with effort and drama and careful delivery.. but the reading of the Word in of itself is often abstract, detracted and lifeless.

Considering the Scriptures when written, were written to be heard, in the poetic and narrative form.. we do it a fair injustice, and it seems no wonder that old and young alike can too easily lose sense of the mystery, wonder and weight of the words, and the ideas they convey..

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