Colour My World

I had an invigorating day today. I had coffee with Dean and then with Liz, and then another friend.

It was a really good day. I enjoyed my conversations with Dean about how Primal fits into a broader Kingdom perspective, and it was good to hear his response to challenges that some others have raised.

It is always good to see Liz and to see her kids. To see that they are enjoying life and things are good.

But I really enjoyed this afternoon. I’m a little puzzled with why.. we haven’t really caught up for a while and whilst we had a great talk on the phone the other week, talking face to face, I felt like I was hogging the conversation with telling my own stories.

Maybe because I was becoming aware of how much I just enjoy their company. Towards the end we stumbled into conversation about theological stuff. The way that the Christ of Faith overrides the Jesus of History, to our detriment in a modern-day Gospel. The inability to separate the Death from the Life of Christ without losing something from each one…

Anyway.. it was refreshing and pleasant to spend some time in that place. It could be some time before I get to enjoy it again, with travel and Christmas getting in the way.. so as a memorial, a standing stone.. I have re-colourcoded my inbox.

I have colourcoded emails from all the invigorating people in my life in varying shades of green to represent the life and energy that they bring me. Now my inbox is full of colour, to remind to treasure these precious moments of lucidity.

Stu, here’s a warning.. there’s a poem coming up.

Lucidity Speaks

When you speak, how often I must

listen with baited breath

to hear the thing you might say

next, could be funny or serious

off guard, i tend to spend these moments

and makes me like an addict

for I love the rush of blood to my

head when you make me think

before I speak, so I don’t get it wrong

so I don’t regret, but I live regretting

these moments, precious, few

i spend in awe of you, when Lucidity speaks

it reminds me that there’s something in the

air around us that I’m breathing funny

something makes me come alive

ideas that once were silent fly into

the sky that wakes and blinks in

blue hues that colour everything around us

somehow sharper with your eyes wide open

your voice softly speaking things aloud

where I can hear them, over rush of blood

and thought where they are blooming now

in sunshine of your fertilising mind, strange

how coincidence draws you to new places

where I’ve decided I would share a glass

of wine with you that was old, red wine that

I would usually treasure with someone dear

like you could someday be, you shake me.

to invigorating friends, and thinking that shapes me,

to conversations that are fleeting, but enable me to build a

life around me, it’s enabling me to Live.

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