Another Day

I was stood up for a meeting yesterday morning. Well, actually, the meeting was changed but everyone forgot to tell me.

However, it was still a good day. I’m working here at Cuisine about two and a half days a week until just before Christmas. It’s in Parnell and really hard to find parking, and the data entry is kind of mindless, but that’s okay. Not everything can be a picture perfect experience. It’s good to have some mind space to travel around in.

More Of The Invigorating

I’m very sleepy this morning, because I found myself in another one of those invigorating conversations, that went on for a couple of cold summer’s night hours outside Frances’ house. We began with music and ended up in theology, it was a perfect night. It was also perfect because I had a mentoring session with Blake. He is such a brilliant young man, his upcoming leadership is going to be really exciting to watch. We are integrating life and faith in our discussions.

I Have The Title Of A Book

“experimenting: the journey of community theology with young people”

(from an email..)

I have a seventeen year old mentoree who is blowing my mind with his ideas on the Trinity at the moment. Another who is absolutely convicted on the Jesus of History vs. Christ of Faith scenario. I am trying to find ways that the others in their community can theologise by osmosis. I’m thinking at the moment that the community theology.. where one practises the concoctions of the inner mind, is far behind the individual thinking that is happening. How to play catch-up? In reality, this means… how do I connect a youth group rumble to a chunk of theology about community in the Trinity? Yes, a book could be helpful here.

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