A Glorious Idea From Frances

This morning on the way to work, we stopped for a coffee. This involved crossing the street, and on the way back, crossing Parnell Rise, we were confronted with one of life’s many little traffic hazards.. An inability to see what the cars into the line of traffic were planning on doing. As such we narrowly avoided being swiped by the car that was turning left into the street we were standing on the corner of.

So, Frances suggested:

Frances:They should make talking indicators, so that you could hear them even if you couldn’t see the cars that want to turn

Tash: Uh huh

Frances: left left left left

Tash: right right right right, i left my wife in new orleans…

Frances: Although if it was busy, it probably wouldn’t be helpful

Frances: left left right left right left right right

Tash: Hmm.

Frances: Might be a bit confusing.

Tash: I think I’m going to have to blog this.

Frances: oh, really?!

Tash: Yeah, I’m just delighted I can use the word cacophony now. A cacophony of talking indicators.

Frances: Also the word idiot.

Later In The Office

Frances: Try to make me sound like not quite such an idiot.

(Frances is very smart. Ed.)

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