Travellin’ Music.. The Antipodean Collection

The glorious Dani has arrived home from Florida and the luscious Manda. She speaks of fun times at Universal Studios, and I get to say.. thanks to my uncle.. Been There!

However, D. is now preparing for the driving pilgrimage home for Christmas. And she needs our help.. see, an American Driving Season at this time of year is wintry, cold, dark, wet… it’s all about flatwhites to warm your hands on as you drive. An Antipodean Driving Season is all about sunshine, windows down, convertibles out and frappucinos in the cupholder.. so she needs some contributions to her travellin’ music list from us down-underians.

So as a Christmas gift, could you put your favourite driving music in the comments?

After all.. “show me a *blogger’s songlist, and I’ll show you their theology” … I’m looking forward to contributions from you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and numerous other perusers..

Mine goes like this currently:

Dave Matthews w/w-out Band: preferably the studio albums

Bruce Cockburn: Stealing Fire

Brooke Fraser: What to do with Daylight

Garden State Soundtrack

Bob Dylan: Best of Bob Dylan

Sting: Anything post-Police

Bic Runga: Beautiful Collision/Drive

MuteMath: the EP

Shawn McDonald: Simply Nothing

Chris Tomlin: Arriving

U2: Anything

Tori Amos: Under the Pink

The Exponents: Anything post The Dance Exponents

Dave Dobbyn: Anything post-Footrot Flats

The Finn Brothers: Solo, in Crowded House, or any variation.

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