I Need A Break In The Weather


Yesterday in the NZ Herald Letters to the Editor, it was suggested that this weather was directly related to the fact that the Civil Unions legislation was passed in the House. Prior to reading that letter, another friend pointed out that the weather turned severely nasty on the day the Bill was passed. A deep sense that this wind and weather is spiritual, rather than environmental. Nurture vs. Nature?

If you’ve been following the news at all, or just living in NZ, you’d be aware that we are experiencing an unseasonal winter. There is snow falling in the southernmost parts of the country, and thunderstorms, rain and hail are offset with windstorms as great turbulent activity hovers over us.

I think that there must be some relevance to this season of unseasonal conditions. After all, everything is connected, as God told Joan of Arcadia, last night.

Here’s what I am thinking about ..

– the Opposites of Advent, the message of hope in a global season of despair

– A prayer to voice the lives of a congregation of diversity

– A need to belong.. I’ve given over a baby, and it’s not going well

– A family Christmas. What does that mean anyway?

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