Wedding Update
No, not mine, silly. I’m referring to here. So updates here we go.

Catrien and Nathan (February 12, 2005)
Status: Married, currently honeymooning. Wedding was perfectly acceptable, including the backwards ceremony that Pete explained later. Semi-unfortunate referral to the enduring love between “flowers and poo”. Best of Luck to them. Apparently I looked so stunning that I was momentarily unrecognisable. Promising sign for my future career as an undercover agent.

SHOCK ADDITION!! Uncle John & Valerie (Thursday 17, 2005)
Status: Married!! Out of the blue, but very exciting! I’m stoked.
PS.. it was in Las Vegas.

Luke and Katie (May 14, 2005)
Status: Although the most recent engagement, Luke and Katie are storming ahead. They have booked the reception venue, but have already changed the ceremony venue! Excellent forecast for more changes unfolding! They have, however, asked me to help coordinate a few things on the day. Most excellent considering the recent discussions about what it’s like to be an event manager at a wedding that could’ve used one (no implications about recent events btw).

Alex and Lisa (Upcoming: November 5, 2005)
BrendN and Fiona (Unknown)

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