Thoughts Of The Moment

I have a selfish friend. It’s painful to watch. I’m not sure why they are selfish. I’m not sure what caused it, or what will bring it to a head, but i’m sure that it has to change sometime soon.

It’s been making me think though. Hearing 1 Corinthians 13 again at the Kilpatrick wedding, reminded me of how unselfish Love really is. Beyond human understanding. And yet I think one the most important things that I have to communicate to my young people and all my people.. is just what Love means.

And it made me think as well, about how creative and emerging fits into mainstream. At what point is it okay to remove yourself from a diverse community, and fit yourself into a homogenous community?

This is not a criticism in any way. It’s just a question that I’m asking about the way that I communicate the Gospel, how I minister, what I’m created for, what I’m called to. Should I stay where I am in the mainstream, and enrich that community, and be enriched by the true diversity… or should I seek out my likeminded brothers, and be comforted.

I guess.. the question comes out of some of the discussions that we had last night at the service, and have been talking about for the past fortnight… why does the church exist and what does it exist to achieve? What is my purpose in that?

I can create meaningful processes for us as a community. Encourage creative and meaningful practices, minister truth in language that reflects a changing culture and community. But surely I could do that in any place.. so why THIS place?

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