White Chicks Misses The Plot

We have this new homegroup that’s started… And for the first time in a long time I’ve committed to going back into a homegroup scenario. The purpose of the group is to meet together in order to pursue turning our lives outward in focus. It’s an interesting group, with one man who’s a complete stranger to faith, and is exploring the whole Jesus deal. Another who is a pastor’s kid who said goodbye to church for a while. Another is a worship leader at church looking for indepth bible study. It’s good to be journeying alongside someone who is on a pathway towards faith. I’m really enjoying it.

Michael has moved in at Andy and Kirsten’s for a while (hopefully a long while). He’s the nephew of one of the other youthworkers here at Windsor. Last night we went for a swim, then to a Habitat for Humanity meeting, then Burger Wisconsin and we grabbed a DVD. White Chicks sucked. Not my choice though.

It was nice to have a night off that was easygoing and relaxed. Jo joined us for the movie too.

The Tolling Bell Of Change
Talked at length last night about relationships, in the context of circles of friends that for all intent purposes, grow up together. How do you break away from those relationships when they become constrictive or destructive? When they become obligatory rather than intiating and relevant. I think that in every community there are ultimately shifts of growth and change that precipate changes in the social constructs. I think also, that in this community, we need to learn how to give permission and create space for people to make those changes.

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