Eastercamp 2005 : Freedom

Ok so I’m home. It’s day 6. As Simon says, it’s the traditional 10 day post-camp blues. I thought that I would have felt a greater sense of accomplishment or having been part of something wonderful. Although there are a lot of people saying that it was the best camp yet.. and certainly in terms of production values and multimedia applications we certainly did better than ever… there were key elements that ended up missing.

The ultimate highlight for me was the incredible communion/resurrection installation that Stu and Pete put together. I’ve never been more delighted working with a couple of practical missional theologians. What these men have in bucketloads, I simply have in spoonfuls. I’m overwhelmed by how the young, middle-aged and old people responded to an empty tomb and flowing wine.

When wok finished in 2002, he went out on a high. I felt like we sent him off well. This camp felt detached, not quite. Although there were magic moments.

A Reminder Of Magic Moments
1. Chris Cope singing ‘Majesty’
2. the OB drama team, Rob Kilpatrick and Pride video combo on Fri night
3. having an old friend come backstage.. things felt better
4. resurrection morning
5. the prayer labyrinth
6. sunday night worship

So anyway. I’m back. Sooner or later the theologising will begin again.

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