Asking For Submissions
As of today I am housesitting for my youth pastors.. and looking after their kids, luke and ana. Sweet as. Not too difficult a task, even taking the international students into the mix. However, the fact that they and Tony & heidi are away.. presents an interesting political opportunity. Not necessarily an opportunity that will affect anyone but me, but on a personal level, the ‘space’ allows for some ‘thinking room’.

Further to some conversations with wok the other day, the issue of young leadership and the generation gap between the current established leadership in the youth community in the Baptist circle.

For the first time in history there is a solid group of longterm established youth workers.. which is a great problem to deal with. But it does present hurdles in an area that has in the past always allowed for greater expansion because of it’s need for leadership.

I’m going to write a white paper. I’d be interested in submissions, observations, testimony from volunteers, interns, parttimers, newbies, oldskoolers and incumbents.

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