Summer Ales
Yesterday was relatively manic as far as days go.. especially with a drive to the depths of Howick last night to see Rodney. But seeing Rodney is like a cool balm on the soul sometimes. He’s so refreshingly honest, genuine and relaxed about who he is. It gives freedom to me to do likewise.

I talked to him about the job scenario. He says I’m growing up.
I said I need his help. He said he’ll give it.
I think I have to lot to learn from him. He says I’ll still be me no matter where I am.
I said I still want to be good at everything. He says I have to let go and stop striving to not be my father.
I think I’m amazed at how quickly God is revealing so much of what I’ve been learning.
Rodney says he’s looking forward to the next part of the ride.

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