Song Of The Moment : Colors
Amos Lee

Yesterday i got lost in the circus,
feeling like such a mess.
And now I’m down,
I’m just hanging on the corner.
I can’t help but reminisce.

Cuz when you’re gone,
all the colours fade.
When you’re gone,
no new years day parade.
You’re gone,
colours seem to fade.

Your mama called, she said,
that you’re downstairs crying.
Feeling like such a mess.
Ya, i hear ya,
in the back ground balling.
What happened to your sweet summer time dress.

I know we all,
we all got our faults.
We get locked in our vaults,
and we stay..

When you’re gone,
all the colours fade.
When you’re gone,
no new years day parade.
You’re gone,
colours seem to fade,
colours seem to fade.

But When You’re Gone…..
What a relief that the All Blacks won the game against Australia. It’s still playing free-to-air on Prime. There’s a bunch of arguments and things to say about that right there. However – poor reception quality for anyone outside the major centres, and appalling graphics, promo etc could have me raving on for hours and I think it’s completely justified for anyone to have SKY on the basis of being able to watch a decent rugby game with your mates, real time, live to air.

Anyway – drinking Tui tonight, seeing as it’s in the fridge where I am – which is unusual enough because usually I’ve only ever drunk Tui at the Radfords or any other place Ian’s been living. Flipping the cap off and finding a little piece of sports trivia there catapulted me back about three years, to watching Out Cold on Ian’s TV, three of us on the bed. Good times = strange and a little dysfunctional probably; but we certainly laughed a lot.

Hence the song of the moment is Amos Lee’s mournful little ballad, and my mood isn’t somber, just mellow.

Every Day’s A Saturday
Today for the first weekend in as long as I can remember, I woke up with nothing to do today. For sure, there are a few things to do tomorrow – including preaching Part 2 of last week’s effort, but other than that I can’t remember the last time I woke up on a Saturday with nothing to do.

It has left me with a few concerns, only magnified after tonight’s chick flick movie where the heroine lies periously close to death without ever having truly lived. How true, Poirot, you’ve uncovered the dastardly truth. If it wasn’t for work and Windsor life, I’m just not sure what I would do with myself. Granted, a friend’s wedding will take up some time, and every so often there is a gig here and there, but life has become so mundane.

It’s not dull, not boring. Just that when I’m not working, I fear I become not very interesting. Which makes me the opposite of those women that write into the Romeo column saying “i have a good work/life balance” as it’s an attractive quality. I can see where they’ve got to that conclusion – probably woke up at some point, same as myself and had to ask the question – Who the Heck Am I?

Not sure what the answer is really. Maybe after the sermon tomorrow night, I will head off to a dark, stormy beachfront and try and rediscover it. And think – just two weeks ago, I drove for 6 hours for approx 6 hours of beach time up north. Maybe I just need to experience more of the adventure. Heck, maybe I need the adventure.

Word To Yo Mother
Right now, my mother will be reading this and shaking her head because she thinks that I think too much. She tells me that she’s thinking that too. Heck, why wouldn’t she, cos she’s probably right. She usually is.

I reckon it’s her fault for reading me so much poetry as a kid. Tennyson & Longfellow have done this to me.

However, I still love them and Mum, so we’re going to have to find a balance.

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