Where Church Ought To Be
church ought to be an adjective, it ought to be an idea that forms in the back of your mind and on the tip of your tongue. it ought to feel familiar even if you’re a complete and total stranger. the kind of feeling that pervades you, when you connect with other human beings and have a sudden sense of the divine. try and lock down an idea like church into noun, a single, solid, tangible entity and you run into trouble. because it doesn’t feel as soft or pliable anymore. it doesn’t feel as messy or human as it’s intended to be. then inevitably the organic mess bursts out through the seams of well-constructed institutionalism and church feels broken.

that’s where modern church is. not broken, but sometimes it feels that way. it’s the right idea, but too well constructed to fit in to a lifestyle, where it used to and ought to be the lifestyle. we’ve deconstructed an all-encompassing faith that somehow made room for the transformational Divine to rest amongst the flesh and blood human race and made it bite-size. we’ve made it so small that the Divine is so big He has to rest outside church. that’s where we are now.. the idea, the feeling, the mess of it, trying to ooze out of the buildings and back into the hearts and minds of people.

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