Five Questions
Today Stu popped in for a brief sojourn. We had limited time and so I offered him a deal – five questions, about anything. He has five asks of me, I five of him, and we go one at a time.

Here’s what we ended up with – the answers you’ll need to figure out yourself.

Stu: Do you have a boyfriend?
Tash: Are recent “issues” to do with controlling the universe around you?
Stu: How is Eastercamp planning going?
Tash: Are you the only member of your household at your church?
Stu: How much longer will you be at Windsor Park?
Tash: Do you always wear underwear?
Stu: Emerging Church: Do you care?
Tash: What’s the most profoundly beautiful experience you’ve ever had?
Stu: What’s the Gospel?
Tash:Are you happy?

I recommend this as a great way of spending intentional time with people. It both requires and offers vunerability, the opportunity for compassion, truthtelling and new ideas.

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