Suffer me

Call on me and I

I will call on you

Suffer me

Call on me and I

I will call on you

And All I Need Is For You To Hold Me Still

I’m reading a book by Beth Moore called Jesus, the One and Only. It’s part of a desperate struggle to rediscover my Christ-center in the midst of madness. A submission to the truth that one can only become a woman of grace by being in the presence of His grace – a surrender I am not easily making these days.

What I appreciate most about her teaching, is her use and appreciation of the Aramaic, Greek and Hebrew language that the text was written in. In the depths of such profound and precise language .. there are found treasures like this.

The root word in the ancient texts for “sign” as in a sign from God .. actually translates to the idea of a fingerprint .. that looking for a sign from God was actually like looking to find his fingerprints on it .. a 2step process – that God would leave his fingerprints for us to find .. and that we then would look for those fingerprints, and take them as a sign to ourselves.

There remain so many questions for me over sacred human places in my heart – where I have sought these fingerprints of God – and still been left asking questions.. and here is what I am thinking about today ..

That fingerprints are more personal and intimate than a sign made of wood or neon strips.
They are more flexible too.

A sign is just that – a noun; an inanimate object that remains in the place it was first built or attached until it is destroyed by the winds and storms that prevailed or it simply becomes old, falters and becomes disconnected (well, maybe only the neon variety).

Fingerprints suggest a persona behind the mark they leave behind them. They leave a trace of where He’s been and imply movement. Fingerprints appear constantly over every created thing, and not just once, but constantly. For a moment on the table until they appear on the glass, and then on the plate. Fingerprints suggest dabbling; deliberate interaction; a longing & groping kind of tactile affection.

This is just the kind of sign I need to see again. Not something motionless and concreted that sits by the roadside getting dusty and broken down, but a sign of God in fluid motion all over this journey.

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