A Field In Fielding, NZ.

Fielding has a big sign proclaiming it’s status as NZ’s most beautiful town. It’s also famous for producing the band Evermore.

Right now, Fielding is home to the Soul Survivor festival. That also means it’s home to me for the next five days or so, where I will continue to file my Fairfax stories, whilst doing the odd seminar and catching up with all sorts of folks, including Sam.

Tonight was the first session, featuring Mike Pilavachi.. and it was interesting. He’s funny. Hilarious… and the session wrapped with an invitation to follow Christ. I completely appreciated Mike’s presentation style, although I’m not sure that I caught all the gist of the point he was trying to make. That’s ok with me, because he’s obviously a craftsmen.

To be honest though – I felt tired with the drawn out response time, and loved the gentleness of the ‘ministry time’ as the group ‘waited on the Spirit’. I think my blogging will probably be full of quotation marks because there is already a lot of language and cultural explanation going on. Christian cultural explanation that is.

I Miss You Like Home

It’s a strange experience being at a camp where I know so few people. Today was a great, if long, car trip down with a couple of young youth group guys. I’m sharing a tent with my dear friend Tere who’s here with her youth group. But, on the long road from Auckland & Fielding and in the wind that was blowing so hard it snapped… I longed to not be ‘alone’. I desperately wanted to be with my friends. Isn’t that so weird? I’m having a serious onset of the post-holiday blues. I live alone and spending so much precious time with people I love has done my head in and now I just can’t fathom functioning without them. Well, actually I can.. I just don’t want to.

I miss you like home.

Also – .. I saw a couple of kids skateboarding down the motorway onramp today. Wackos.

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