Human Music.

Or Skin Frequencies

Isn’t it incredible that when God let music fall from heaven, He reserved one set of melodies and harmonies for instruments of skin? We are touch-sensitive creatures.. areas of skin that are sacred, that are public, that are neutral. Touch corresponds to dozens of hidden messages wrapped up in scent, sight, touch, smell… and these sensations are like an orchestra pit in the belly or the womb. There is a sacred song playing somewhere when I connect with human music.

The right touch does wonders in a touch-starved world. Sometimes there is a longing for human music when no other song seems to fit. It’s a song of Job, a song of Solomon, a song of Moses and Miriam, even of Mary. There’s an endless frequency to be found in skin on skin. The embrace, the holding of the hand. The subtle invasion of body space to leave a mark or caress on the arm of another. The stolen kiss on the top of the head, the forehead or the back. (Those are some of my favourite places to say I appreciate you to the nearest and dearest – a chaste kiss on the glancing tip of a shoulder blade, an apex of strength and grace).

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