Kingdom, Not Church.

I’m tormented at the moment by the maddening crowd crying out for Church and not Kingdom. So much of this Christian life I should be living has nothing to do with the clamouring of church for my time and energy and investment. The hierarchal theology that rules our community in the present time makes me cry out for the intimate, dangerous radical that Jesus is.

Song Of The Moment : Theologians
by Wilco

They don’t know nothing
About my soul
About my soul

I’m an ocean
An abyss in motion
Slow motion
Slow motion

Inlitterati lumen fidei
God is with us everyday
That illiterate light
Is with us every night

That don’t know nothing
About my soul
Oh they don’t know

They thin my heart with little things
And my life with change
Oh in so many ways
I find more missing every day


I’m going away
Where you will look for me
Where I’m going you cannot come

No one’s ever gonna take my life from me
I lay it down
A ghost is born
A ghost is born
A ghost is born

I’m an ocean
I’m all emotion
I’m a cherry ghost
Cherry ghost

Hey I’m a cherry ghost
A cherry ghost

Presence Proximity
I’m learning the power of presence – the impact of one person’s presence on another. This is a power I have underestimated in my life and probably need to pay more attention too. That in the listening, watching and paying attention – there is something unspoken that rises in the atmosphere, that creates a longing for connection in the space time continuum and inside my heart. Ache. Wonder. Laughing.

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