Leadership Blurb #1

My friend Asher works at Life FM, my one-time, sometime employer when I get the radio buzz. Currently, I’m doing a series on leadership ideas and application, Tuesday evenings around 6pm. Mostly I’m doing what I do best – collating and collecting the ideas of others and soundbiting them!

I’ll post the little blurbs each week – and if you have ideas, feel free to throw them into the mix too! Here’s last week’s. If you’re clever, you can preview before you listen!

Leadership is influence.. so says John Maxwell

So if you want to be an effective leader = whether that’s in business, your profession, the creative arts, mission, community, school… wherever you want to lead – a great place to start your journey is with understanding influence.
Understand who you are already influencing. Look for who else you’d like to influence and start to understand what you might need to do to position yourself to influence those people.

But understand this = influence is not position.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter who’s at the head of an organisation if they are not the person with the most influence.
Remember how the kid at the top of the class wasn’t necessarily the person who determined whether or not you made into the cool group?

Remember in university, that the most popular lecturers don’t necessarily have the flashest office or the biggest title.

No = influence is about calibre.
Influence is people who CHOOSE to listen to what you have to say.
Influence is the number of people who respond to what you think, say, act and implement around you.

So be aware of who you’re influencing and how you can influence them for the better.

That means bringing people together to create opportunities in business, opportunities for mission, opportunities for relationship. The best matchmakers in history are people who influence the opinions and actions of others!

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