Things To Do In Celebration Of My Kiwi Identity.

Important things that I would like to do sometime soon or at least have done once…
I’d love your thoughts – whether you were born here, live here or once lived here.

1. Get a new tattoo, something that symbolizes the next phase of life, one year on from Eastercamp and moving into a new sense of who I am.

2. Drive north to Cape Reinga and watch the sunset over the point.

3. Get one of these. (The tshirt, not Rhys, although he’s a good mate.) MrVintage has a great collection of Kiwiana tshirts.

4. Matakana Markets & Movies is a must.

5. Sunset beach picnic with New Zealand wine, cheese and seafood at Piha.

6. A dawn parade on Anzac Day, in front of the War Memorial Museum, to remember our past. At the setting of the sun and in the morning – we will remember them. Their blood is taonga, as their courage, honour & justice. Aue.

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