Leadership Blurb #7

Leadership Is Failing Forward.

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” – Henry Ford

What can cripples people from becoming the leader they want to be is how they deal with failure.

Failing forward is more than having a good attitude about your mistakes, and it’s a step beyond simply taking risks. Failing forward is the ability to get back up after you’ve been knocked down, learn from your mistake, and move forward in a better direction.

Beyond that – understanding this principle of failing forward in your own life dramatically influences how you see failure in the lives of others, and how you lead them to greater growth and opportunity.

See, we need to be leaders that look at the people around us and see all the possibility and potential, and are prepared to invest in allowing them to make mistakes.

Mistakes and failure are so vital and necessary to growing and being a well-rounded person that we are crazy if we live in fear of making mistakes. There is a finite amount of knowledge and skill in anyone person. but the world requires and asks us to be multitalented, multiskilled miracleworkers at times, espeically as leaders, church or otherwise, especially if you’re a celebrity.

Knock that smugness or the “i told you so” outta your expression when someone else fails – because how they respond to this failure is so vitally important – but it’s also vitally important how YOU respond to their failure.

Without grace, without the patience and presence of mind to allow others and yourself to fail forward – you’ll find a people who are full of mistake making genes, unwillingly to travel with or follow a leader who does not accept failure.

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