well ok. here i am. i’m a student again. it’s a little weird. the good news is that i’ve had my first class and i think that i have remembered most of the basics of how to go to university. nice nice. wow. three hour lecture blocks are quite full on though!! hehehe. as i was turning into the driveway to go to class though… glen, one of the crew from windsor (kinda mid 20’s, pretty funny…he’s an occupational therapist by trade..) is pulling in as well – turns out he decided at the end of last week to enrol! nice. so i have a class buddy. actually it was quite funny to turn up and a whole bunch of interns and Yp’s that i know were there.. i had just kinda assumed that they would have done all their stage one papers but no! so wicked, huh!?

right so that was yesterday. i was tired seeing as we had a 6.00am prayer meeting for the whole 03/03/03 thing…. it was good actually – and a whole stack of people were there. it was raining cats and dogs jsut before we all arrived but the day itself turned out to be beautiful.

the weekend was okay.. on friday they did a morning tea for me which was really nice, and then after work we all went down to the claddagh… not a nice place to be on a day that we broke a mast in the america’s cup. but worse was to come. so after a couple of pints of guiness i headed over to jo norrie’s place where a number of the crew were. there was much sitting and not doing anything but finally someone raised the motivation to say come on let’s go.

we headed down to one red dog in takapuna. nice nice. i didn’t eat anything.. but i had a very nice 01 merlot cabernet. french style basket pressed. it was lovely.

then i went home. saturday was relatively laid back unitl the shopping in the afternoon. then we went to viv’s farewell. she is headed off to sydney.. she left on sunday at 2.30pm. she has already had one interview that went well.

yay!! i bought a gorgeous pair of boots. and they were reduced from $350.00 to $90.00. what a bargain. of course breaking them in is always fun. not. hehehe but that’s cool. i wore them out on saturday night. it was a beautiful day on saturday. it kinda sucked to be inside shopping but okay. we didn’t race at all, it was postponed.

saturday night i caught up with riyan, who’s wife jodie left him in may last year. he’s still trying to put it all back together. it was really nice to see him and jsut hang out. hehe. it was a nice time. and he told me that he used to have a thing for me … weird. classic. it’s kinda strange but nice to know that i’m not entirely unattractive. hehe.

sunday i went to shore in the morning which was just all weird as, to see my choir guys singing and not be leading them.. but it’s a trust thing i guess of saying .. hey, this is where i am now. and this is where i’m staying. so that’s cool… but it was nice to get to windsor in the evening. i sang in the worship team, just on bv’s and it was cool. the mix there is really bad though and the whole stage setup really stinks… jsut that the guitarists mic their amps but leave them blasting at the vox, and you can’t hear jack in foldback.. i’m pretty sure that i will talk to brendan about getting some really good training for those sound guys. it’s a hard as auditorium to mix… but yeah we can do some work there.

after church on sunday night i cut ben’s hair at the pierces. nice nice. it went well i think.. but i’ll ahve to have another look tomorrow night at youth group. hehe. but it wasn’t fun to cut it with an audience that were totally doing the mocks every chance that they got..

right. i think that’s about it for now.


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